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Christie Vision Care prides ourselves in acquiring the latest and most advanced technologies available in order to assess your visual potential and ocular health. Below are some of the latest instruments used in order to enhance your experience at Christie Vision Care while also enhancing your eye health care.

A: Digital Retinal Photographer: The Topcon TRC-NW8 digital retinal photographer utilizes advanced digital technologies in order to obtain optimal retinal imagery and evaluation by Dr. Christie. It also has the added benefit of creating a permanent record for your medical file. Results can be reviewed with you immediately and you can have a printed picture of your own retina!

B: Auto Refractor / Auto Keratometer: This technology allows us to more accurately measure your prescription. It also aids in our contact lens fitting process by measuring the front curvature of your eye which allows us to more precisely choose the correct contact lens for your individual eye.

C: Humphrey’s Matrix Perimeter: This instrument uses the latest technology available to evaluate your side vision. The information obtained is then used by our doctor to evaluate your individual risk for obtaining glaucoma as well as the advancement of glaucoma. The information obtained by the perimeter is also used to evaluate many other neurological conditions and ocular conditions.